Ian Pokriefka Photography


Ian is a photographer based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His images are meant to speak for themselves. He focuses on automotive, portraits, and wedding photography that tell a story.



In this section I’m going to be showcasing photographs of cars. The first section is my commercial style of photographs that I shot over the past year for my college thesis final project.  My other section is showcasing photographs of cars from the American International Auto Show in Detroit, Woodward Dream Cruise in Michigan, and Clean Culture in Los Angeles and many car shows. 



In this section are my wedding and engagement photographs. With each wedding and each engagement that I shoot, I tell the unique love story between two people that care about each other very much and my photographs tell that story and they tell a new story every time you gaze at them.   I am Michigan based wedding photographer but if you have a wedding that is outside of the Michigan area no problem. If you have any questions about prices, packages, shooting locations, please send me an email that is listed in my about me section.

 Package 1 $600

Basic photos of you two getting ready with both of your parties,Bridal party walking down the aisle,45 minute shoot of just the bride and the groom, with one location of the bride and groom choosing, Dance photos, You can either choose a wedding book or photos to be printed out, please let me know.

Package 2  $800
Getting ready photos from groom/bride and their parties, Family photos from both sides, Both parties walking down the aisle, Groom walking down his parents down the aisle, Bride walking down the aisle, 1-hour session of just the bride and groom with 2 locations of their choosing, Speech photos, Dance photos, detail photos from church and reception, detail shots of the wedding dress, Silly photos. You can either choose a wedding book or photos to be printed out, please let me know.

Package 3 $1000

Photos of bride and groom getting ready with their parties, Photos of parents from both sides, Photos of the parties walking down the aisle, 1 Hour session of just the bride and groom with 3 locations of their choosing, Detail shots of the church and the reception, Flower girl and ring boy photos, Ring photos, Detail photos dresses and suits, Detail of the groom and groomsmen getting there flowers on their suits, dance photos, cutting the cake photos, food photos, photos of the guest. You can either choose a wedding book or photos to be printed out, please let me know.


If there is anything you want from other packages please let me know and we can disuess about it. 



In this section are portraits of my current work. Each portrait tells a new story about the person that I have photographed. Each time I do a portrait shoot, I get to know my model like I have know them for years. It's always an amazing opportunity to get to know someone while you are taking their photograph. The friendship grows stronger each time I start a new portrait shoot. 



In this section are different styles of fashion ranging from fashion shows, current creative projects and lastly products such as jewelry, bracelets, necklaces and more. I have had the privilege for the past two years of photographing the fashion shows for Kendall College of Art and Design.



In this section are photographs of music shows that I have taken over the past year. I have worked for two music companies in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area, Green Mitten and Skip Fiction photographing local shows. I’ve shot all different kinds of music genres ranging from EDM, rock and roll, metal and many other genres. I also photograph the large events that the city of Grand Rapids host every summer. 



I have been involved with Grand Rapids Young Professionals for the past five years and have had the opportunity to cover so many of the fun local happenings in the Grand Rapids area. I hope some of my images may encourage you to attend some of these events.